7Fits Consultancy

7Fits Consultancy is investing its efforts into improving decision making related to the identification and solutions of problems related to marketing in Lebanon and the Arab World. Our systematic work involves the collection and analysis of data, as well as dissemination and use of information.

7Fits is willing to work closely with you, and aid in specifying the information necessary to address existing and potential issues, in addition to managing and implementing a customized data collection process which results in a better analysis of the results and a more efficient communication of the findings and their implications.


7Fits is able to provide its service in various languages. (Examples: Arabic, French, English, Spanish, Chinese…)


7Fits promotes environmentally responsible behaviors both inside and outside the workplace.

Socially Responsible

7Fits supports Cyclamen foundation as well as other reputable NGOs.

Certified Experts

Certified Information Technology experts by the Lebanese Government

Our Top Requested Services

Problem Identification/Solving

  • Market Potential Research
  • Market Share Research
  • Business Trends Research
  • Segmentation Research
  • Pricing Research
  • Promotion Research

Qualitative Research

  • Focus Groups
  • Depth Interviews
  • Expressive Techniques
  • Construction Techniques
  • Completion Techniques
  • Association Techniques

Quantitative Research

  • F2F interviews
  • Telephone Interviews
  • Web Interviews
  • Mail Panels, Mall intercept
  • Disguised Observation
  • Mechanical Observation