NGO Market Research

Market Research Services for NGOs

7Fits Statistics & Research Center is aware of the unmatched importance of market research when it comes to Non governmental organizations and charities. The research provided by 7Fits will serve as an indicator for the level of public awareness, the understanding and underlying motives of donors, and the areas of focus regarding communications and marketing efforts.

7Fits Statistics & Research center can aid you in identifying the successfulness of your projects as well as satisfaction levels of both the donors and members regarding your NGO’s performance.

Our detailed research can also help in shedding light over the area for improvements and on which levels should the modifications be made to boost the effectiveness of your projects. We have a diversified team of professional researchers who will invest their experience in helping you comprehend beneficiaries, donors and stakeholder engagements in order to give you the ability to act based on the results and subsequently communicate your ideas more effectively.

Some of our Market Research services

Pre Proposal Research

  • Gather information about targeted groups
  • Aid in the efficient writing of the proposal
  • Allow the porposal to tackle the exact needs of the population

Post Implementation Evaluation

  • Measure the outcome and/or impact of the project
  • Evaluate the problems and obstacles
  • Output the benefit levels which resulted from the implemented project

Consumer & Donor insight Research

  • Efficient understanding of the donors & Consumers
  • Extended behavior analysis
  • Detailed digital interactions examination
  • Professional collection of consumer interests and underlying motives

Stakeholder Research

  • Optimizing and understanding how the NGO’s reputation is percieved
  • Collecting inside data based on the Staff’s perceptions
  • Collecting data from external stakeholders’ opinions
  • Building and enhancing the reputation and image