Restaurants Market Research

Market Research Services for Restaurants in Lebanon & the MENA region

We all agree that the food and beverages industry is not the easiest among all industries. For instance, restaurants and pubs are undoubtedly a difficult business to venture in. The latter is due to the fact that restaurants are employee & capital reliant businesses, they also are faced with a lot of regulations, have a low margin, and are surely to face some fierce competition.

However, a well-managed restaurant can output an immense amount of profit, and offer a prestige-sense to the owner who is associated with a well-known restaurant. The vast majority of people do prioritize the food and regard it as the most essential element, however, the service, the presentation, the friendliness of the menu, as well as the pricing and other marketing considerations are equally if not sometimes more crucial.

7Fits Statistics & Research center is providing professional full-service Market Research to Restaurants in Lebanon & the Middle East and North Africa Region.

Our team of experts will invest all of its efforts to provide you with quality data that will enable you to tackle the problems which your company might be facing, as well as exploit new areas for improvement.

Some of our Market Research services

Mystery Shopping

  • Measure performance based on various criteria
  • Provide a detailed report highlighting the experience
  • Compare the data against industry benchmarks
  • Output useful and relevant results

Price Optimization

  • Willingness-to-pay testing
  • Comparison of prices against the industry
  • Graphing perceived quality against perceived cost
  • Estimate a revenue index curve